Into the Unknown is an experiential learning project for year 8 pupils and their parents. The project affirms the Amaze message about self-respect and goes on to teach more facts about the possible effects of alcohol and drugs. Drama helps individuals to explore and analyse the ways in which they are influenced by peer pressure and the media.

The activities are designed to ensure that the young people relate what they discover to their own lives. Each young person is encouraged to think critically about influences such as music, TV, celebrities and the Internet. They come away form this zone more aware of how external influences can affect their decisions and how they can counter negative influences.

‘Into the Unknown’ then focuses more specifically on drugs and alcohol, building on the children’s prior knowledge or perceptions about drugs, and ensuring that they are accurately informed. The interactive nature of these sessions has a great impact on the children as they begin to distinguish fact from myth.

To provide drugs education through participatory, interactive, learning methods.
To include parents in their children’s drug education.

To develop assertiveness skills and coping strategies to deal with peer pressure.
To assess and correct myths about drugs knowledge and use and the effects on the body.
To raise awareness of issues and effects of alcohol and demonstrate alternatives.
To provide factual information so that informed choices can be made.

Teachers' Comments:

“I have spoken to some of the students they were saying how useful they found the information and really liked the manner in which you and the staff presented themselves;  'Really approachable and child friendly' were their exact words."

Teacher from St Crispin’s School

"The students have been asked to feed back on the day and without exception found it a very informative, worthwhile and interesting experience, which will help them to deal with a range of situations. Please pass on our thanks to your team for their professional and enthusiastic approach to the various topic covered."

Teacher from Ranelagh School”

Parents' Comments:

"The drugs zone gave useful information of the effects of drugs regarding the law, e.g. drugs related criminal record and how it could affect your life."
"Good that it’s people the same age as them and not their parents."
"The presentation style is appealing to young people."

Pupils' Comments:

"Good because you’re learning about something you might need when you’re older."

"Mind changing, Physically involved, Educational but fun, Influencing, Interactive and Important"


Arcade’s projects promote self-respect as children participate in activities, role-play and discussions which emphasise their worth and value:

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