Pop Up Amaze
Arcade has now developed pop up amaze which is delivered into schools.

U text
Arcade are developing a sms messaging system that allows people to gain information of organisations that can help them if they have lifestyle issues. Texting key words such as Alcohol, Drugs, Pregnancy etc along with which area they live to a dedicated text number they will receive details of agencies that can help.

Whats new with alcohol free bars and venues
In the past we have worked across the uk to develop safe meeting places for young people. There is a developing trend for alcohol free venues for adults. Some venues have come out of a need for social gathering places for people who have changed their lifestyles and need an alcohol free venue. There are also places that are being promoted as an alternative venue with good food, music etc. Watch this space.


Arcade’s projects promote self-respect as children participate in activities, role-play and discussions which emphasise their worth and value:

Into the unknown
Take Control
Tailor Made Sessions

Running your own alcohol free bar could never be easier than with Arcade:

Alcohol free drinks

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