Amaze is a dynamic, interactive project for Year 6 pupils which takes small groups through a series of educational ‘zones’ and individuals through a maze. Through games and activities the children make simple choices which reflect those they may have to make later in life, and are challenged about their own perceptions of drug taking and alcohol use.

Group role-play demonstrates the part that peers can play in influencing decisions, and encourages children to evaluate the impact of peer pressure on their lives and choices.

At the 'Chill Out Zone’ the children have fun making a healthy snack and a milk-shake, as their team leaders help them to consolidate what they have learned. Whilst eating and drinking together they discuss the importance of a balanced diet and the potential consequences of the things we put in our bodies.

‘Amaze’ focuses on identity: each child puts their thumbprint into their Amaze 'passport' as an illustration of their individuality. In the maze they receive the message that they are special and unique yet the decisions they make can change their lives, behaviour and even how they look.

To provide a secure, holistic and fun learning experience in which young people can gain drug education through participatory learning methods.

To develop life skills, including self esteem, decision making and resisting peer pressure, whilst providing accurate, age appropriate information about drugs inc. alcohol and tobacco.

“We found out about our bodies, our willpower, our skills and most importantly ourselves.”
Thameside Primary, Reading

“I liked the idea of going in as an ordinary person and going out knowing you are amazing”
Sandy Lane Junior, Bracknell

“I didn’t think I was amazing until now.”
Pupil, Grazeley
Parochial School, Wokingham

After her class experienced Amaze,
one primary school teacher said...

“The class loved the maze! They thought it was exciting and scary and most were able to see that life is a little like that. It’s great that children are able to experience this in a safe environment. The message is put over in a fun way. The children feel they are a part of it as opposed to being told what to think or believe. The ‘drama-type’ experiences and the fact that young people lead the sessions help the message to sink in.”


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