Arcade’s projects promote self-respect as children participate in activities, role-play and discussions which emphasise their worth and value. Alongside this we provide factual information: we educate young people about how the body works and the things that they can do to stay healthy.

We ensure that there is continuity to the education we provide. After running our projects, ‘Amaze’ and ‘Into the Unknown’, we provide teachers with follow-up materials to give them the opportunity to reinforce Amethyst’s message. We encourage the
active participation of parents and guardians in their children’s learning. Our aim is to enable parents to become aware of the increasing pressures on their children, and to equip them with the knowledge and resources to support them.

At Arcade we have gained a great deal of positive feedback from pupils, teachers, health professionals and parents. All of our projects are increasingly in demand: as we build on the success of current projects, we look forward to expanding our role within the community to provide an even wider range of services.

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