Take Control

Using a combination of Interactive quizzes including ‘Who wants to be a Chocolataire’, Video, PowerPoint and other activities. ARCADE will encourage, challenge and equip the pupils to discuss and make choices in relation to alcohol and other drugs.

To prevent and reduce Tobacco, Alcohol and drug use of year 7pupils.

Provide age appropriate factual information whilst challenging some of the myths and attitudes associated with alcohol and other drug use.

Equip the year 7 pupils with the life skills needed to make informed decisions/ healthy choices in relation to alcohol and other drugs whilst at secondary school.

Transitional project to help with change from Junior/Primary School to Secondary Education.

Increase factual knowledge in relation to alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and solvents and the law‘s relating to these substances.

To discover pupils’ attitudes towards drugs, particularly Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis and Solvents.

To look at the influence of peer pressure in decision making and demonstrate effective ways of resisting pressure.

Identify risks and consequences in relation to alcohol and other drugs.

In order to cater for the whole group, the project is run in sessions throughout the day. Each session lasts for one hour and we can take a maximum of 40 pupils per session. We can do up to 5 one hour sessions in a day.

What the pupils said they would take away from the session:
“that i am priceless.”
“that i am unique.
“everybody is different/Ok to be different.

Teachers: It was lovely to see the smiles on the pupil’s faces after compliments activity ->Self esteem had gone up.

Extremely well organised

Teachers:‘Making good decisions was well explored, the students were involved, and it was interesting’


Arcade’s projects promote self-respect as children participate in activities, role-play and discussions which emphasise their worth and value:

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Take Control
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