Tailor Made Sessions

Arcade delivers interactive projects to schools providing drug and alcohol education
As an educational charity we also provide tailor made PSHE sessions looking at life-skills such as healthy choice making, peer pressure and self esteem. We also look at the risk and consequences surrounding drug and alcohol choices. ARCADE's passion is to provide active learning experiences and age appropriate drugs education to all young people in Berkshire and the surrounding area.

With over 20 years experience of delivering interactive life-skills based alcohol and drug education, we can tailor make sessions for schools, youth clubs and faith based organisations.

After each of our sessions we ask staff and pupils to evaluate our projects. Pupils report that they gain in confidence and information and feel empowered to make their own decisions. Pupils are able to remember who we are and the main message of our session's year on year as we revisit schools.

Ofsted has reported that good quality curriculum based education when provided by outside agencies in close collaboration with the school increase the effectiveness of the education

Why is there a need for our sevice
ARCADE work hard to educate young people before they start to make life choices for themselves. We promote an attitude of getting in early; and firmly believe the importance of preventative education.

We also provide parent workshops and training for organisations such as Reading Street Pastors, Rehab, Loose ends etc.

Teachers: “The delivery and different activities were very appropriate for the age group.”

Pupils: “It made me think about how I treat other people as well as how I’m treated.”

Teachers: “It really helped to bond the group through shared activities.”


Arcade’s projects promote self-respect as children participate in activities, role-play and discussions which emphasise their worth and value:

Into the unknown
Take Control
Tailor Made Sessions

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