Arcade's aim is to present young people with positive choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Young people are frequently presented with choices, from which TV channel to watch through to which GCSE options to choose. Choices related to drug and alcohol use can sometimes appear harmless yet prove to have serious consequences.

Arcade has been running interactive life skills based drug education projects since 1994. We recognise the importance of providing accurate age appropriate alcohol and drug information. A life skills approach enables us to build self esteem and develop decision making skills.

We have three main projects: Amaze Yr6, Take Control Yr7 and Into the Unknown Yr8 and parents workshop. We also tailor make PSHE lessons or focus days to individual school requirements

In 1999 we ran the first ‘Amaze’ - a large multi-media project for year 6 pupils. The numbers of schools participating in ‘Amaze’ has more than tripled each year and has increased from 360 pupils in 1999 to 1800 pupils in 2002. Since 2001 we have enlisted ‘year out’ teams to help us run more projects and attempt to meet the increasing demand for our services.

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All of our work has 3 main objectives: to build self esteem, develop decision making skills and provide age appropriate alcohol and other drug information.

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Into the unknown
Take Control
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Arcade also has experience of setting up, providing training and support for alcohol free bars:

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